Essa Yacoub

EssaYacoub Professor
Medical School,
University of Minnesota

Essa Yacoub`s research interests are in developing and applying high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and functional MRI (fMRI) for human applications. His work has emphasized pushing the spatial and temporal resolution limits of fMRI using high magnetic fields and MRI pulse sequence developments. With the ability to non-invasively monitor the working human brain with such high degrees of spatial and temporal precision, the aim is to map and understand intrinsic functional architectures and neuronal inter-connections.

Key publications

  • De Martino, F., Moerel, M., Ugurbil, K., Formisano, E., Yacoub, E., “Less noise, more activation: Multiband acquisition schemes for auditory functional MRI”, Magn Reson Med 74, 462-467, 
  • Kemper, V.G., De Martino, F., Vu, A.T., Poser, B.A., Feinberg, D.A., Goebel, R., Yacoub, E., “Sub-millimeter T2 weighted fMRI at 7 T: comparison of 3D-GRASE and 2D SE-EPI”, Front Neurosci 9, 163, 10.3389/fnins.2015.00163
  • Muckli, L., De Martino, F., Vizioli, L., Petro, L.S., Smith, F.W., Ugurbil, K., Goebel, R., Yacoub, E., “Contextual Feedback to Superficial Layers of V1”,  Curr Biol 25, 2690-2695,