Huan Luo

huan-luo_2Associate Professor
Peking University

Huan Luo’s research focuses on the temporal dynamics and organization in various cognitive processes (e.g., sensory processing, attention, scene analysis, speech, working memory, etc.) using a combination of cognitive behavioral measurements and time-resolved neuroimaging approaches (EEG, MEG, etc.).

Key publications

  • Mo, C., Lu, J., Wu, B., Jia, J., Luo, H. , Fang F. ,  “Competing rhythmic neural representations of orientations during concurrent attention to multiple orientation features”, Nature Communications 10(1): 5264,
  • Huang, Q., Jia, J., Han, Q., Luo, H., “Fast-backward replay of sequentially memorized items in humans”, eLife 7: e35164,
  • Jia, J., Liu, L., Fang, F., Luo, H., “Sequential sampling of visual objects during sustained attention”,  PLoS Biology 15(6): e2001903,
  • Song, K., Meng, M., Chen, L., Zhou, K., Luo, H.,  “Behavioral oscillations in attention: rhythmic alpha pulses mediated through theta band”, Journal of Neuroscience 34(14): 4837-4844,
  • Luo, H., Liu, Z., Poeppel, D.,  “Auditory cortex tracks both auditory and visual stimulus dynamics using low-frequency neuronal phase modulation”, PLoS Biology 8(8), 
  • Luo, H., Poeppel, D., “Phase patterns of neuronal responses reliably discriminate speech in human auditory cortex”,  Neuron 54(6): 1001-1010, 10.1016/j.neuron.2007.06.004